Geoff Smith frame and forks

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Re: Geoff Smith frame and forks

Postby richardshill » 16 Dec 2017, 7:59pm

So, now possibly a Mike Kowal / Autostrada :-)
He build tons for many brands inc. Ribble and local shops.
This is quite a story...

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Re: Geoff Smith frame and forks

Postby Featch » 6 Sep 2019, 5:48am

Hi Richard.

A late reply here, sorry!

Not a Thompson Bicycle Company frame or an Orbit. I can be certain of that as I only ever used seat clamps withe a 6 mm bolt and that one appears to be Haden with an imperial bolt. There are similarities to frames I built but back then a lot of builders made very similar frames. Also I don't recall ever building a frame for Geoff Smith but that may not be significant as it's identity could have been changed when it was refinished. The only trade frames I built at TBC were for Delta Sportive in Otley.