Healthy drinking bottle.

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Re: Healthy drinking bottle.

Postby Vetus Ossa » 15 Feb 2018, 8:31pm

Bought a couple of these today... ... rsa-bottle
Ordered online and picked up in the shop a couple of hours later as I was in town then.
£3 online, and £6 in the shop...go figure...

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Re: Healthy drinking bottle.

Postby Brucey » 16 Feb 2018, 4:08am

one of my chums uses a Klean Kanteen bottle; this is all-stainless steel and whilst it doesn't entirely solve the 'lets eat road dirt' problem, it does address one of the other common issues with bottles, which is that they tend to develop their own, uh, 'biosphere' inside and are not always easy to clean. I am pretty sure I have poisoned myself with my own bottles before now. These bottles are all-stainless steel construction, including the stopper if you want.


the above all have internal screw threads; you can swap stoppers between them. They also do a 'wide mouth' bottle with an external screw thread.


This design accepts caps that cover over the lip of the bottle, so presumably one is less likely to eat any road dirt that may accumulate on the outside of the bottle.

They also do insulated bottles and many different styles of cap which may be bought as accessories. They seem to be well-made and are priced accordingly, but to be able to buy anything which is designed to last more than five minutes, which you don't throw away when the stopper starts to leak etc in today's throwaway world is perhaps a rarity.