Opinions on cycle clothes

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Opinions on cycle clothes

Postby brychan » 16 Feb 2018, 5:30pm


I purchased these cycle clothes from Chinese sellers through DHGate, 2 jackets one long sleeve 1 short sleeve & 1 pair of shorts cost me £40 in total.

Cube clothing usually cost around £40 - £90 for 1 item. The clothes I purchased look cheaply made and don’t have any thermal lining. So probably use them in the summer months.

My main question besides general opinions is it necessary to have thermal lining in all tight fitting cycle clothes. Photos below

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Re: Opinions on cycle clothes

Postby brynpoeth » 16 Feb 2018, 6:32pm

You can wear a cheap t-shirt underneath, long arms are good too, see live thread about sun protection
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Re: Opinions on cycle clothes

Postby mattsccm » 16 Feb 2018, 6:43pm

Thermal protection? Nope. The whole idea is to stay cool with race spec kit. That's summer kit there. Generally speaking that is. Maybe a vest underneath. Some where I have read that certain combinations of vest and jersey work better than just a jersey. Can't remember where or the details.

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Re: Opinions on cycle clothes

Postby eileithyia » 17 Feb 2018, 8:26am

Hmm £40 the lot, well you get what you pay for TBH. When I wear summer kit even snug fitting kit I would wear a short sleeved light weight vest underneath.... with maybe using the long sleeved top over as a bit extra for cooler summer days or when the temps start to dip at the end of the day.
Not sure I have ever had any 'thermal' lined short sleeved kit or shorts.
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Re: Opinions on cycle clothes

Postby ANTONISH » 18 Feb 2018, 9:33am

I bought a couple of trade tops from D H Gate.
The quality seems pretty well on a par with other tops I have purchased - much cheaper of course.
I suppose there is quite a mark up on these items when sold retail in the UK.
It seems to me that many cycling items are manufactured in China.
A couple of my club mates have purchased high end bikes from this company - they don't seem to have any problems.
Of course if we all followed this line it would pretty well destroy the independent cycle trade in this country.