Last year's model through bike2work

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Last year's model through bike2work

Postby sirmy » 27 Feb 2018, 3:40pm

Does any one know what would happen if you put in an order with a b2w scheme for an end of line model and it sold out before your request cleared? Would the voucher lapse of would you be blocked from getting another for a year?

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Re: Last year's model through bike2work

Postby broadway » 27 Feb 2018, 4:01pm

I put a deposit down with the retailer to reserve. Then had a refund when I presented the voucher.

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Re: Last year's model through bike2work

Postby robgul » 27 Feb 2018, 6:00pm

I manage an LBS where we do Bike to work - you can "cancel" your voucher and reapply straight away with the several schemes we are party to.

BUT - if the bike is sold out then there's no big deal to supply something else of the same value.

And as suggested you could confirm an order with a refundable holding deposit

The other aspect is : how long does your employer take to approve the purchase and organise the voucher? All of the cycle to work schemes have a same-day service. [As an example: chap came in to the shop at 1600 one day, agreed the deal and went away with a typed quote, the voucher was visible on the Cyclescheme online system at 1230 the following day (he had applied at 0845) and he collected his bike the same day with his electronic voucher]

If you want any help let me know.

.... but of course if Halfords is the shop partner then all bets are off.


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Re: Last year's model through bike2work

Postby CyberKnight » 28 Feb 2018, 2:43pm

Depends on the retailer and stock
I specifically wanted last years model as i preferred the colour , that was the only difference and i would have taken this year model if they could not get one .
As it happens i got what i wanted and then they put the price down a week later to clear stock :roll:
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