just found ctc pedalling article

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just found ctc pedalling article

Postby jawaka » 6 Jun 2018, 11:07am

Recently found my April/ may copy of ctc cycle and read the pedalling dynamics article. I've done a search for follow -up views but either there aren't any or there are too many results even with filtering.

Extraordinary that after many years of cycling that there is still discussion of pedalling technique and there was no firm conclusion. I've had a try at diffrerent ways on my smart trainer. It's a bit early to conclude, but to judge from the power meter I seem to have some more power on the "push harder sooner", but the technique seems to make me involountarily push harder, so feel it more in my thighs since starting to use it. Hopefully once the thighs build up strength it could be making better use of energy available

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Re: just found ctc pedalling article

Postby pjclinch » 6 Jun 2018, 1:18pm

If you watch e.g. Contador and Froome go up an Alp it's pretty clear that different strokes suit different folks. With slightly different physiologies (shapes, sizes, relative muscle strenghs etc.) and riding positions and bike setups I'm not that surprised there's not Just One Answer For Everyone. And that's before you add in complexities like aero drag: not much point upping the power 5% if you waste more than that catching the wind (stand Caleb Ewan next to Marcel Kittel and there's no prizes for guessing who generates most power, but they're both premium sprinters)

I suspect it's take a range of things that might work and try them out to see if they do for you. This goes on at the top of the game, so elite riders will try alternatives, and sometimes they work and sometimes they don't: Tony Martin tried to refine his aero position a bit, which he did, but results went down so he went back to more drag but more power.

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