Best Track pump under £25

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Re: Best Track pump under £25

Postby Airsporter1st » 20 Jun 2018, 8:02pm

Audax67 wrote:This is the one I would like but I bet it costs more than £25:


(Pic from Rumbach in Germany)

€425 + VAT

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Re: Best Track pump under £25

Postby Sweep » 21 Jun 2018, 9:03pm

Without checking out in detail, I would go for the one that has easy spares availability.

I suspect that means the Topeak.

Apart from economy, I find it satisfying to keep stuff working - then just get on and pedal/explore rather than sitting on the web exploring new fangled stuff/buying stuff.

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The utility cyclist
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Re: Best Track pump under £25

Postby The utility cyclist » 23 Jun 2018, 5:57pm

I came into a Oxford track pump (FOC) over a decade ago, it was already used, it's got a digital gauge which is fairly accurate though I tend to check with a schwalbe digital anyways. I've no idea who makes it but I've had no grumbles with it whatsoever, can get 120psi easily, both valve fittings are easy to get on. it's absolutely bob on and feels solid.
I've seen them sans gauge for about £20 posted and with analogue gauge for £25 posted.
I've used a Topeak Joe Blow and was bought one but didn't really need it so swapped it for something else.

Stewart H
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Re: Best Track pump under £25

Postby Stewart H » 23 Jun 2018, 7:15pm

I picked up the Aldi one for £3.99 a few years ago, the chuck feels odd and does not easily fit schrader, the presta part works well, the gauge seems pretty accurate and it is holding up well.

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Re: Best Track pump under £25

Postby Fraz101 » 27 Jun 2018, 7:33pm

Just picked this up off gumtree for £15

Guy said it’s lay in his shed for a year and used once!


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Re: Best Track pump under £25

Postby reohn2 » 27 Jun 2018, 8:09pm

You've got a good pump there,I've had mine about 8years now without any problems.And spares are available if needed :) .