Valuing a vsf fahrradmanufaktur tx400 (2012)

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Valuing a vsf fahrradmanufaktur tx400 (2012)

Postby webber » 14 Sep 2018, 2:49pm

hi all im thinking of putting my tx400 up for sale (don't use it much anymore do more lightweight touring) and am not sure on its value it 2012 in white and very good condition any help would be great or offers :wink: got a set of 4 carridice super c panniers that I will sell with it :D

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Re: vsf fahrradmanufaktur tx400

Postby GOHughes » 16 Sep 2018, 11:47am

These are excellent, well-spec'd, steel frame bikes. Though the TX400 is a little heavy, it's capable of serious expedition touring.

If it's still in excellent condition I'd suggest 60% of what you paid for it - the current model retails at c. £1360.00 so it's a premium bike.

Not so long ago I sold a T100C (with suspension forks) on this forum for £375.00, having paid £620.00 for it in 2009, so that was 60% of the purchase price.

if you don't get much initial interest you might consider throwing in the panniers as a sweetener.