Bike workshop near Arnside

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Bike workshop near Arnside

Postby GeorgeDR » 1 Oct 2018, 2:52pm

Hello-I recently moved to Arnside. Can anyone recommend a good local bike workshop for ongoing maintenance/repairs? thanks.

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Re: Bike workshop near Arnside

Postby cycleruk » 1 Oct 2018, 4:47pm

The nearest that I know off is Lakeland Cycles at Carnforth :- ... h-1180615/
Never used them myself but they have been there a good few years.

Next would be Kendal, I don't know any specifics but there are some if you Google.
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Re: Bike workshop near Arnside

Postby grufty » 1 Oct 2018, 5:20pm

Saw a mobile bike mechanic van recently,

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Re: Bike workshop near Arnside

Postby Tangled Metal » 1 Oct 2018, 9:06pm

Lakeland cycles at Bolton le sands - open Thursday to Saturday but only for a long as they want to, ie if business is slow they sometimes close early. I have my doubts about their work.

Dynatech in Carnforth - some rate them but my partner really wasn't impressed and work on mine was poor. Adjusted gears needed adjusting 10 minutes after I left the shop.

There's a mobile mechanic so collects your bike too work on. Cheap and OK work I think. He works from a base in BLS so no idea if Arnside is in his patch.

If you really need a good job done on your bike then IMHO wheelbase in Staveley is the only place in the area. I use them and I'm further south than you.

I've used edge cycle works in Lancaster. Their work is solid enough but a little expensive. At least I trust what they've done on my bike.

Also there is a new bike shop along Caton Road in Lancaster called on yer bike. They're Burnley / Blackburn based but have just opened up this year in Lancaster and come across as keen to get a foothold in the area. They seem reasonable when I've talked to them. I'm tempted to use them.

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Re: Bike workshop near Arnside

Postby bluerst » 3 Oct 2018, 7:29pm

Lakeland in BLS are characters and do a good job.

In addition to previous posts there is a Leisure Lakes at the top of Lancaster. Wheelbase in Staveley isn't that far, and there's Escape Bike Shop, between Kirby Lonsdale and Ingleton.