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Mary Bars...

Postby zenitb » 3 Oct 2018, 3:35pm

andrew_s wrote:
zenitb wrote:I think straight bars twist the wrist into a slightly unnatural position, compared say with walking along with hands by your side. Like you this makes my hands a bit numb on long rides.

I resolved my numb/tingling fingers problem by switching to bars that allowed a more knuckles outward hand position, rather than the knuckles forward position that you use on straight bars. ...

I used On-One Mary bars, fitted upside down so there was a slight drop.
The sweep for Mary bars is about 40°, which is probably near the minimum - you may be better with more sweep, like on the North Road type bars which were the traditional handlebar when everybody used bikes for transport.

Interesting Andrew..I like your seem to have parallelled my thoughts regarding "wrist twist" but with a different end solution....tempted to give them a shot myself...maybe on my "B" bike. Any pics of them on your bike?

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Re: Bar extension options

Postby AMMoffat » 4 Oct 2018, 2:44pm

On my mountain bike I use the version of your existing grips with built-in bar ends, Ergon GP3 I find these give me all the alternative hand positions I require. There are 2 longer versions as well, GP4 & GP5.