Cheap hybrid bike for touring

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Cheap hybrid bike for touring

Postby gc-spurs » 11 Oct 2018, 6:07am

Hi everyone :)

Looking to do a tour next year along the Danube with a couple of friends (probably Germany - somewhere in Serbia). We're not cyclists, but we're all pretty fit and just wanted to see some of the continent nice and slowly. We're also pretty poor and have to start setting a budget ASAP so we can afford it. Need advice on how to get a cheap bike for this and would love to hear some thoughts.

Here are some things to note:
- We don't bike regularly therefore haven't got any existing preferences
- We're from outside Europe and this is part of a larger holiday
- The route is mostly flat and we're not super ambitious with distance, just looking to chug along at around 60km/day (plus extra rest days in cool cities) and see the sights slowly for around a month
- Home base for the trip will be in Amsterdam because one of the group has relatives there so we'll be there for about a week beforehand and we can buy anything/get anything delivered there
- We will be camping

Some of my thoughts:
- Open to second hand if that's cheaper but we don't want to have to spend too much time finding the *right* second hand bike / won't have the time or the technical knowledge to know what to check for
- Buying a new cheapie just allows us to deal with known quantities and seems more convenient considering we'll only have approx a week in Amsterdam to get ourselves sorted
- Not looking for my 'forever' bike... it just seems more economical/practical than hiring anything. In all likelihood will sell it before heading home or leave it with a friend.
- We are looking to make our money go as far as possible
- Am I being naive in thinking that a cheap bike will be OK given because we're not looking to go fast or do any significant climbs?

A friend of mine from Europe pointed me towards the Decathlon hybrid bikes saying that they're good quality. Does anything in the sub 300 euro/pound category from there look like it would work?

Appreciate any thoughts and advice :)

Norman H
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Re: Cheap hybrid bike for touring

Postby Norman H » 11 Oct 2018, 7:02am

Decathlon would be an excellent choice, with Europe wide customer support. Something from their Hoprider Urban Hybrid range would be ideal. Even the basic model comes with dynamo lighting and is equipped with rear rack and mudguards.

Another idea, given the relative flat nature of the route, would be something similar but with internal hub gears.