Post accident car insurance premiums

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Re: Post accident car insurance premiums

Postby peetee » 11 Jan 2019, 2:00pm

Mares wrote:Hi all.

Thanks for your answers.

To respond to some of your points:

My insurers were not involved at all.
I claimed off the third parties car insurance through a solicitor .
When we renewed insurance and said no accidents, they said ”but what about the one on the ”database” for me in 2017”. They were not interested as to the circumstances.
Apparently no matter what the circumstances (pedestrian, cyclist, driver) if you claim against a car it goes on your personal record in the database.

Thanks for the advice, I will follow up with that.

Possibly included because of the proliferation of people prepared to wring ever last penny of personal injury compensation out of any exploitable situation that comes their way.
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