Vrienden op de fiets (The Netherlands)

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Vrienden op de fiets (The Netherlands)

Postby Mr_T » 7 Jan 2019, 2:03am

Hi all, newbie member here by the way so please be gentle :lol:

I'm planning to do my first cycle tour in The Netherlands next year, from Hoek of Holland to Den Helder in the north over the course of four days. I've got the routes planned (pretty much) but am just wondering if anyone else is a member of the webiste above - Vrienden op de fiets.

After reading about it, it seemed like a dream come true for somebody like myself who needs overnight accomodation on a cycle tour, hosted by cycling enthusiasts :D

However, upon joining the site, after about a dozen or so very polite enquiry emails to potential hosts, the only reply I seem to be getting is an abrupt NO. I'm getting the feeling this site is set up for the Dutch only...and wonder has anyone used this site and stayed with anyone who hosts on here?

I would appreciate any help and comments, thank you.

Paul 8)

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Re: Vrienden op de fiets (The Netherlands)

Postby JakobW » 7 Jan 2019, 8:39am

I've considered joining as well, but haven't ever got round to it; if I'm touring in NL I can usually crash with family and friends - I like the idea, but you're basically relying on people's spare bedroom being free, and anectdotally this can be a bit hit or miss. I will say that the Dutch are generally fairly blunt and to the point, so what may come across as curt rudeness probably isn't intended that way. (And while most Dutch have excellent spoken English, they might not be quite as comfortable giving a longer written response.)

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Re: Vrienden op de fiets (The Netherlands)

Postby andrew_s » 7 Jan 2019, 12:12pm

See this thread:

It may be worth contacting some of the respondents by PM

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Re: Vrienden op de fiets (The Netherlands)

Postby Slowroad » 9 Jan 2019, 9:42pm

If I've understood your post right, you are planning now for next year? That's a long time - it might just be that people can't commit that far in advance. Even if I've misunderstood and it's for this summer it would be quite a long time ahead. I've done VodF and it was a bit tricky to find places who could take me, in the right place. But the people who did host me were great.
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Re: Vrienden op de fiets (The Netherlands)

Postby pete75 » 9 Jan 2019, 9:48pm

There's also Warm Showers which covers the UK and most of Europe as well as the USA. I wonder if Brexit might have some bearing on the OP's abrupt replies from the Dutch who are normally friendly and courteous people.