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Re: Clipless cleat float

Posted: 12 Jan 2019, 5:34pm
by Marcus Aurelius
Brucey wrote:my prediction; you will be happier with the release initially, but after you have ridden on them for no more than a few weeks you will mysteriously have painful knees. Probably no amount of fiddling with the cleat setting will help; there is a reason why the default cleats are the ones with the most float.


Yep, because most people don’t understand fitting.

Re: Clipless cleat float

Posted: 12 Jan 2019, 5:53pm
by foxyrider
ndwgolf wrote:
pwa wrote:Is the left cleat simply not bolted on tight enough and therefore moving a little on the sole? Probably not but worth a check.
i actually thought about that but they are both secured tightly to the soles.

Just worn?

The cleats i've just changed - LH completely b++++++d, RH not looking too bad, LH was floating all over the place and even self releasing. New cleats today, feet hardly moving, knee pain which had been building over last couple of weeks, gone! My knee pain was caused by too much float rather than insufficient.