Schwalbe Winter Tyres

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Re: Schwalbe Winter Tyres

Postby gaz » 30 Jan 2019, 9:16pm

My Nokian A10 are now on for their sixth consecutive winter on my commuter. I acquired them second-hand, although they looked unused. The commuter picks up the occasional longer winter journey, even so I'd doubt that they have 2500 miles on the clock.

Most of those winters have been mild so they've largely been running on tarmac. I haven't lost a single stud.

Last year I did begin to wonder if the studs were becoming less effective. In hindsight I suspect I'd simply forgotten that I needed to run them at a lower pressure to get the most out of them. They served me well this morning.

I picked up another pre-loved pair of A10s last year and a set with more studs and a heavier duty tread too. I reckon I'm ready for whatever winter throws at me between here and infirmity :mrgreen: .

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Re: Schwalbe Winter Tyres

Postby middleagedspread » 30 Jan 2019, 9:49pm

I'm on my third winter with them fitted to my winter-hack hybrid, and the wear (to the studs) appears non-existent. I ride commute a 15 mile round trip daily (during the working week) from October through to May (I'm in Edmonton, Canada). From December onwards about half the route is on ice, or ice and snow, with mostly cleared (tarmac) bike lanes for the remainder. I have the tyres with 4 rows of spikes, and it is in no way hyperbole to assert that I could not commute without them.

While I haven't seen any wear, they do get lost. At the start of this winter, I replaced 47 (of 200) that had worked their way out of the rear wheel over the course of the previous two winters. I hadn't really noticed an appreciable deterioration in performance, but last winter the roads weren't too bad. I got the Schwalbe replacement spikes with an insertion tool from, but they're available online in the UK too. Easy job took about 20 minutes. There were none missing from the front tyre.

Incidentally, I buy winter tyres from the UK (Chain Reaction) - even with shipping and customs duty they are about half the price of buying them here.

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Re: Schwalbe Winter Tyres

Postby mig » 30 Jan 2019, 10:03pm

robc02 wrote:
mig wrote:yup had a set for many years. they don't get much use but no wear as above. have lost a stud or two though despite doing the 'bedding in' process thoroughly. not that one or two missing is going to worry me.

Much the same here. The studs I lost were early on and I replaced them.

I have now switched to Continental Winters (not studded). They roll a bit better but are not as good on very icy roads - having said that I haven't had any major skids and they are probably a better compromise for typical UK winters.

i did the same. i used them as the dark nights start til they end (that's soon right :wink: )

the studs are still in the shed and might be used if things get silly weatherwise.

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Re: Schwalbe Winter Tyres

Postby londonbikerider » 8 Feb 2019, 3:46pm

I have some Ice Spikers 26" X 2.0" on one of MTBs, they certainly offer a lot more safety when braking, but I still approach corners with care.
Either way, ain't riding that fast! The rolling resistance is noticeable, and boy! they're noisy aren't they?? But when everyone is pushing, or riding gingerly at best, you're riding steady :-)

I've not covered a lot of miles in them, but they don't seem to wear quick. Easy to fit on common Mavic rims, too

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Re: Schwalbe Winter Tyres

Postby Vorpal » 8 Feb 2019, 3:54pm

robc02 wrote:
yostumpy wrote:was going to get a set, then, read some reviews, and was put off. A number of folks had commented that the spikes push thro into the tyre, causing punctures, then when the offending stud is removed, the tube then pops up thro the wee hole.

I also haven't heard of that so don't know how common that is, but if it bothers you and you still want winter tyres the Continental Top Contact Winter II are well worth considering.

I've been riding my studded tyres for 5 winters (I rode the MTB one winter) in Norway, and I've had no punctures. I have lost a couple of studs, and no inner tube has popped through the holes.
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