Flexible Noodles...Any Good?

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Flexible Noodles...Any Good?

Postby NATURAL ANKLING » 1 Feb 2019, 10:34pm

Anyone have experience with flexible noodles?
I want to get the cable closer to the frame coming off brake as I have bags (frame) to fit.
Technically they might compress some?
Will they stay put / keep shape or just straighten out, dunno till I try, or just shorten the cable, probably going to need to retain the cable close to frame.
Rear I suppose just route it shorter and closer, or maybe better with a "S" shaped solid tube to shape.
Ones with adjusters seem extortionately priced, just fit your own, do I need it :?
I got some stainless tube which could work for a bodge.
Some frame used to have single coiled outer cable no liner at BB instead of sheet metal guides, need ends for that.
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Re: Flexible Noodles...Any Good?

Postby Brucey » 2 Feb 2019, 12:24am

they vary of course but they are usually

a) able to take a 'set' to some extent and

b) more flexible than most cable housing is.

There are a few instances it is beneficial if the noodle flexes as the brake is applied (eg if the cable housing is very short running into the noodle), or as suspension moves, or something of that sort. In these cases a flexible noodle is a really good idea as it may prevent the brake from being pulled off-centre.

However in most other cases it is possible to reshape a rigid noodle to get the shape and cable routing you need; if it is not possible to do this then I would say that in most cases the cable run is so poor there ought to be another way of running it.

FWIW there are numerous gadgets which ought to help in some cases; for example some noodles can be replaced with a pulley, or the cable housing itself can be set in a sort of plastic 'splint' which gives you the final bend into the yoke. However all these gadgets have as many minuses as pluses.

For example https://www.sjscycles.co.uk/brakes/origin8-super-noodle-pair/ these are neat enough but leave you with a thinner liner in the bend than if a standard noodle is used, and the angle is exactly 90 degrees, i.e. it cannot be adjusted.

There are a few more interesting gizmos here


and here