does anyone know of a good wheel builder south midlands area?

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Re: does anyone know of a good wheel builder south midlands area?

Postby Ivor Tingting » 18 Apr 2019, 1:26pm

Des49 wrote:
Ivor Tingting wrote:Would it not be possible for Rohloff to make a forged hub or would that not be possible or in doing so simply make the cost of the hub even greater than it already is?

Setting up to make a forged component is extremely expensive, but maybe if Rohloff had known that the hub would be so successful and sales would be hundreds of thousands as they are now rather than a few tens of thousands they may have done it. Probably a bit late now to expect them to make such changes when what they have works well. Doesn't stop them tweaking things like the flange rings and also the new splined sprocket holder seems a worthwhile improvement from the original hard to remove screw on sprocket. I have a new splined holder and sprocket waiting for when I wear out my next sprocket, may take a while though.

Yes had they known then what they know now they might have gone the forged route, but they still could and replace any failed flange casings with forged varieties. But I guess these support rings are a far cheaper option placing ALL the cost on the owners which is just plain wrong in my view and a bitter pill to swallow should a hub flange fail.
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