German wants to reserve bikespace

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Re: German wants to reserve bikespace

Postby landsurfer » 14 Aug 2019, 12:22pm

Don't you just put your towel on the bikespace the night before ...... :D
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Re: German wants to reserve bikespace

Postby mjr » 14 Aug 2019, 12:26pm

pete75 wrote:
mjr wrote:
Confusedbycycling wrote:By the way do you know in the UK bypass roads? It seems to me, you push the whole traffic through the heart of the cities and not around the town.

No, we don't. The UK builds things called "bypasses" but most are really "relief roads" because we fail to close the routes through the heart to through traffic. I discuss this in viewtopic.php?f=6&t=129801

Yeah but both roads are often still congested which shows the capacity of both old and new roads is needed.

Or maybe it shows that motoring expands to fill the space available, also known as induced traffic - but let's discuss that in the other topic, please.
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Re: German wants to reserve bikespace

Postby mattheus » 14 Aug 2019, 2:31pm

landsurfer wrote:Don't you just put your towel on the bikespace the night before ...... :D

How did no one else think of this? In 5 pages???


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Re: German wants to reserve bikespace

Postby Cyril Haearn » 14 Aug 2019, 7:19pm

st599_uk wrote:
Confusedbycycling wrote:If someone is interested on more details of my journey through Wales, I have written a report in German with many pictures.

Nice write-up, I'm a struggling learner in German.

I got a bit confused by Zoll meaning both Customs and Inch.

More Vocab:
Umgehungsstrasse ("walking-round road") is bypass, not Umfahrungsstrasse :wink:
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