TdF 2019 - Parking

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TdF 2019 - Parking

Postby larscjoh » 1 Jul 2019, 6:41am


We're going to the Alps at stage 16-20, but where is it possible to park our motorhome?

Specially at Col du Galibier, Val Thorens, Col de l'Iseran, La Sentinelle is just park along the road?


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Re: TdF 2019 - Parking

Postby philvantwo » 1 Jul 2019, 1:09pm

Yes but get there early!

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Re: TdF 2019 - Parking

Postby Ugly » 1 Jul 2019, 1:24pm

See the Tour a number of times in the mountains, I always got there the day before and left the day after. Much less stressful than trying to drive off the mountain as soon as the roads are open.

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Re: TdF 2019 - Parking

Postby andrew_s » 1 Jul 2019, 2:14pm

philvantwo wrote:Yes but get there early!

How early will depend on how popular, but in the extreme (Alpe d'Huez), a week early may necessary.
Generally, it's the final climb of the day that's most popular.

Also, get the vehicle properly off the road, else you could be moved on at a stage where there is nowhere else available.

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Re: TdF 2019 - Parking

Postby brynpoeth » 1 Jul 2019, 7:02pm

A week early, is this more mass hysteria like the Glastonbury festival?
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Re: TdF 2019 - Parking

Postby TrevA » 1 Jul 2019, 7:37pm

It should be possible to cycle the route on the day of the race itself, although roads do close completely a few hours before the race comes through. also easier to get off the mountain afterwards.

Although a few years ago, on one stage we jumped in behind the broom wagon and were cheered all the way to the top of the Colombiere climb by the waiting crowds.