Aberdeenshire - Navigating (Mearns-Deeside-Westhill-City)

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Aberdeenshire - Navigating (Mearns-Deeside-Westhill-City)

Postby Caledonia64 » 23 Aug 2019, 5:36pm

I am trying to source a map or maps of Aberdeenshire (I have a gazillion paper OS maps of the wider and more specific local area - used some for teaching/grid point/compass/scale exercises when I still taught). However none have the uptodate road layout that includes the AWPR (the NEW A90) and the way it seemingly impacts intersections and accessing minor roads, farm roads, etc.

I have taken up cycling again, going out on runs (rather than just than short-distance commuting/lugging stuff to the allotment on a bike held together by dodgy bolts, sweat, WD40 and duct tape: just awaiting a new bike, an Ortler Bergerac) and have so far hit one or two unexpected changes to routes/runs I knew of old in terms of "I really do not want to cross four streams of traffic on the dualler".

Does anyone know of very uptodate maps that include the new road, its layout, access points/blocks etc. I don't drive to heading out to survey by car is not possible...

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Re: Aberdeenshire - Navigating (Mearns-Deeside-Westhill-City)

Postby geomannie » 23 Aug 2019, 10:19pm

Any online map service will help but if you are used to OS maps, try http://streetmap.co.uk/