Rider weight limits?

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Re: Rider weight limits?

Postby pwa » 5 Sep 2019, 8:49am

I have had a minor but inconvenient condition recently (shoulder area) and it has been getting slowly better over the last month. It is a relief when a persistent condition eventually starts to show signs of going. The progress, even if it is slow, gives you a boost. You know that it is going to work out fine.

But very well done on getting to grips with the weight.

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Re: Rider weight limits?

Postby Antan1 » 6 Sep 2019, 10:22am

peetee wrote:Re: plantar Fasciitus, I had been off my bike for 8 years and about 18 months ago developed this problem which all but eliminated walking any distance. I was always very lean but the lay off bought me up to a normal weight for my height but the weight increase took its toll and my job involved standing so the condition, not surprisingly, got worse.
In the last month my lifestyle has totally changed and I can get out on the bike. Just prior to that I fitted gel pads in my everyday shoes and started a course of condition-specific exercises.
my weight is still more than I would like but the discomfort has virtually gone.

Hi, I have also suffered from this, went for a fitting for very expensive insoles, got some from boots and about 6 months later it has completely gone. Hopefully your condition will clear up to.
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