Bikes to Africa??

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Bikes to Africa??

Postby ignatzcatz » 9 Sep 2019, 9:58am

I live near to Horsham in Sussex and am known as an active cyclist by friends and neighbours. As a consequence of this I get to assist on bike matters and get a few repair jobs, punctures in the main, for local folks. Of late I have had a couple of old mountain bikes deposited with me as the owners have upgraded or just bought new ones. Obviously these are of nil value but I was wondering if there is an organisation that gathers up these old steeds for despatch to poorer nations where they could have a new life. I read somewhere that containers of bikes have been shipped to Africa for distribution there. Any information with regard to this would be very useful.

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Re: Bikes to Africa??

Postby Vorpal » 9 Sep 2019, 10:33am

Re-cycle bikes for Africa has drop off points in many places

You could also donate them to a bike recycling/community interest organisation that helps folks get cycling?
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Re: Bikes to Africa??

Postby mattheus » 9 Sep 2019, 12:09pm

There are a few Bikes-for-Refugees projects around the Uk, but I can't see any in Shoreham/Brighton area.

(worth a google if anyone lives in London!)