What cycling did you do this weekend?

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Re: What cycling did you do this weekend?

Postby Oldjohnw » 21 Oct 2019, 1:21pm

Four miles Forest Walk and hill climb in South Lanarkshire with Mrs OJW, son and his two dogs. Sunday lunch in a pub in Biggar. So no cycling.
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Re: What cycling did you do this weekend?

Postby CyberKnight » 21 Oct 2019, 1:25pm

Probably the last century ride this year , i only do a couple anyway due to the old work/ wife/kids situation.
Decided the day before as the weather was gong to to good for the 1st time in a month to ride over to Cafe Ventoux as its open at the weekend again ,3 of us all out of shape rode over there then looped back via bradgate park for a second stop which in hindsight was a bad idea as it was packed and the cafe took forever to get served .
should have looked at the route a bit better as the planner kept wanting to take us down single track cycle lanes so we ended up going from 9 mile trip to 102 , we were going to add a bit at the end anyway to make the ton but no need.
mate bonked at the end so he was walking on hills but we got there ! just the wrath of swmbo to placate now :)
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Re: What cycling did you do this weekend?

Postby scottg » 21 Oct 2019, 6:27pm

Seen on the Scarecrow tour on the local bike path....
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Re: What cycling did you do this weekend?

Postby reohn2 » 21 Oct 2019, 8:40pm

I did a two hour 10 mile ride on Saturday afternoon on the L&L towpath near home cutting back unsafe low hanging vegetation/branches,and a track I use regularly that needed a couple of large tree limbs cutting back.
Then back home to to watch Wales beat France :)
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Re: What cycling did you do this weekend?

Postby Vantage » 21 Oct 2019, 10:33pm

Got my cycling mojo back!
Did a 46 mile round trip to the delightful village of Balderstone nr Preston today. Perfect.
My left butt cheek is tender and I had to pull on the banister just to get up the stairs to get changed when I got home :lol:

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Re: What cycling did you do this weekend?

Postby Debs » 21 Oct 2019, 11:26pm

Sunday afternoon:
I'm not sure if the flood water has receded on my usual route and i don't like to guess, so a different direction and head for the hills!
22.5 miles in total. A ride up onto higher ground to avoid the flooded areas in the low-lands, nice views, a mix of country lanes to be carefree on and 60mph nation limit roads to be careful on. A nice enough day but found it breezy again, the final 6 miles homeward exposed against a blustery westerly, i struggled far more than usual, took me a while to realise my right leg is doing more pushing than my left, feels like the return of an annoying left knee ailment... :(


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Re: What cycling did you do this weekend?

Postby RodT » 22 Oct 2019, 9:07am

Inspired by a birthday present of The Rough-Stuff Archive ( all the images are inspiring, but the one on page 88 is ridiculous), I set off from Penzance on my touring bike with a plan to cross the moors to various prehistoric sites, including Nine Maidens. The usual climb out of the town and past Chysauster, and eventually I took to a rocky bridleway which became a narrow, boggy track enclosed with gorse. Tried carrying the bike, as shown in the book, fell into a swamp, and gave up. Bruised, scratched, wet and muddy, I decided I preferred the road and rode home along the coast to St.Just and completed the round trip.
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Re: What cycling did you do this weekend?

Postby brooksby » 23 Oct 2019, 9:09am

The weekend is the one time of the week I can guarantee not to do any cycling at all :(

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Re: What cycling did you do this weekend?

Postby lankysnapper » 24 Oct 2019, 11:03pm

Late post, sorry.
My house is being re-roofed and the scaffolders blocked in my bike shed so my best bike was out of bounds. I managed a reasonable distance on my commuter (Pashley Sov.) but I was glad to be out and about in this latter end of the year. Beautiful autumn colours up north now.

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Re: What cycling did you do this weekend?

Postby RickH » 26 Oct 2019, 5:09am

Last weekend I didn't ride at all (but did manage 50 miles on Monday to make up for it). This weekend I'm taking my bike to Whistler for a ride with one of Mrs H's cousins (we're in Vancouver for a bit catching up with family & meeting our newest grandchild).