Trike v low step through battery cycle

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Trike v low step through battery cycle

Postby Mgp » 30 Nov 2019, 11:55am

I have some balance issues can do a two wheel but stopping suddenly is a challenge what are the best trike options . Any thoughts most welcome.

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Re: Trike v low step through battery cycle

Postby 9494arnold » 30 Nov 2019, 12:19pm

With the greatest of respect, I don't know your experience , or current issues, Trikes aren't as easy to ride as some people think.

If you are thinking along Trike lines it might pay you to try one first. They follow the camber if the road into the gutter and over the kerb / into the Ditch/ bushes if you let them . Died in the wool bike riders often have real issues with them.

Having said that, I have been a Trikie for years. Most fun you can have with your clothes on .

There's a dedicated Upright Trike Riders Forum : On Three Wheels My fast forum (don't be put off by the title, it's not exclusively racers) You will find it a source of good humour, sound advice and often an offer to try a machine ( which I will extend if you are West Midlands Based, drop me a personal message)

Good luck in any event.

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Re: Trike v low step through battery cycle

Postby Tigerbiten » 30 Nov 2019, 3:27pm

Another vote that trikes can be tricky if you're used to bikes.
A bike you lean into a curve then steer to correct the course.
But if you just lean right to counteract a camber then a trike will start to drift left due to the change of your center of gravity.
Also if you just lean then your hands moves slightly which just accelerates the drift into the ditch.
On a trike you need to learn to steer up the camber first and use the pressure from you hands to get the right lean angle to counteract gravity.
Hence a trike you steer than lean which can be "fun" to learn ........ :D

Also are you thinking a recumbent trike or an upright trike as recumbent trikes are easier to ride simply because the lower CoG means that they don't follow the camber as much.

Luck .......... :D

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Re: Trike v low step through battery cycle

Postby Mgp » 3 Dec 2019, 11:26am

Thanks, great advice; as a Sustrans volunteer I have tried a members upright trike and found it difficult.I have used a tadpole recumbent at Wavetree near Carlisle and it was ok.I have a Spinal Cord Injury, paraplegia incomplete- can walk with crutches but not great feeling in my feet. I can ride a two wheel bike but have to be careful not to fall off as all my previous fall offs have been dogs on cycle paths near me .

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Re: Trike v low step through battery cycle

Postby Bowedw » 3 Dec 2019, 4:09pm

There is a similar thread to this in the wanted section, various advice has been given but no response from the originator of the post.
A trike does not have to be a racing one, there are plenty of Pashley type ones available and some with battery drive.
With regard to learning it just need considerable care at first,best to practise in an open space, away from cars and people. You will feel the slightest cross fall in the surface at first, but will get used to it. The only trikes in my area are these type, ridden mainly by the not so young. They are not to proud to talk to me on my racier trike as we share a common interest, and age :D Nice to be able to cycle without needing to put a foot down while I not had an electric assist bike or trike I can see the benefit it could bring.

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Re: Trike v low step through battery cycle

Postby [XAP]Bob » 3 Dec 2019, 10:32pm

Where are you based?
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Re: Trike v low step through battery cycle

Postby Mgp » 4 Dec 2019, 8:03pm

Based near Glasgow

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Re: Trike v low step through battery cycle

Postby PAB855 » 5 Dec 2019, 7:49pm

Are there any charities in your area which help people who have difficulties with balance etc to access a range of pedal powered machines including upright trikes. West Lothian has The West Lothian Bike Library. Edinburgh has Blazing Saddles. Check their websites. Try Kinetics in Gĺasgow, he might know of a Glasgow charity.

Our own experience was to eventually buy an ICE Adventure recumbent trike and we have not regretted it, for us it's a brilliant solution to our particular needs. That was after trying and or /owning a total of at least seven different upright trikes. There's something out there for you. Happy hunting.