Repurposing old bike parts

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Mr Evil
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Repurposing old bike parts

Postby Mr Evil » 20 Dec 2019, 2:42pm

If you do a lot of cycling, you're bound to end up with a lot of parts that aren't suitable for reuse, but it seems wasteful to throw them away. Inner tubes are a common one. I have used a few of those for suspending hard drives, to damp their vibrations and quiet them, like this:
That's not something I am able to do as much anymore, now that hard drives are becoming obsolete.

I had an aluminium frame lying around for many years that had been retired due to a crack. Recently I cut it up and turned it into wind chimes:
The tubes are hung from a right crank. It's important that the holes for the string are exactly 1/4 of the way down, as the standing waves that make the tubes ring have a node at that point.

A few other things that I've done include bending spokes into hooks for clothes-hangers, and grinding a pair of titanium skewers into chopsticks (sadly they are too short to work well).

What creative ways have you come up with for finding new life for old parts?

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Re: Repurposing old bike parts

Postby peetee » 20 Dec 2019, 3:29pm

When I built my wooden garage doors I used an old crankset as handles. I reused spokes as chain tensioners for replacing or removing links on various bikes. Inner tubes wrapped round the frame tubes to protect the paint from chain-slap and cycle park damage. Old wingnuts as coat hangers. Gear and brake inner cables as shelf suspension cables. SIS outers to unblock sinks and fridge drain holes. QR Hubs as tools to fit bottle cage bosses.
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Re: Repurposing old bike parts

Postby mattheus » 20 Dec 2019, 3:39pm

Mr Evil wrote:What creative ways have you come up with for finding new life for old parts?

er.... pretty much none! I've used inner tubes as ties for a few things (but nothing as smart as your HD hammocks), they're useful as a protective wrap.

I do try though. I have a few old spokes used as pokey/stirry things. (they're quite good for picking-up and hanging dirty or drying chains). Probably some other simple things like that.

I hate throwing things away, so I love seeing stuff like this. Don't think I've seen wind chimes done like that before :thumbsup:

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Re: Repurposing old bike parts

Postby Ray » 20 Dec 2019, 3:49pm

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Re: Repurposing old bike parts

Postby rmurphy195 » 20 Dec 2019, 5:17pm

At one time I had a 5x3 trailer converted to a bike carrier by making up a frame using 3x4 offcuts. The framework and the sides of the trailer were padded using old MTB inner tubes both to protect the bike frames and to help prevent movement of the bikes when under way.

Spokes for all sorts of things - hanging hooks, and even bent to make a thingy for hooking debris out of the U-bend under the bath outlet!

Still have an old accident-bent steel frame haging up in the garage - this does for decoration (I'm loathe to cut it up and use the tunes elesewhere for sentimental reasons, but maybe I will one day, the wind chime idea looks good)
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Re: Repurposing old bike parts

Postby iandriver » 20 Dec 2019, 8:03pm

Had quite a nice thread about this a while back that may be of interest viewtopic.php?f=1&t=129549&p=1347632#p1347632
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Re: Repurposing old bike parts

Postby The utility cyclist » 21 Dec 2019, 12:35am

This was for sale on my local FB selling page, a coat hook based around an old TA c/ring
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Re: Repurposing old bike parts

Postby mattsccm » 21 Dec 2019, 7:38am

Old rims screwed to talk thing stick to grow runner beans up. Also used to keep big bushy plants in shape.

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Re: Repurposing old bike parts

Postby TrevA » 21 Dec 2019, 10:31pm

I’ve used an old pair of wheels screwed to a fence, as a trellis. Works very well.
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Re: Repurposing old bike parts

Postby Polisman » 22 Dec 2019, 12:56pm

I've seen a bracelet made out of a gold plated Dura Ace chain before, but it was kinda expensive...

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Re: Repurposing old bike parts

Postby Cunobelin » 22 Dec 2019, 1:15pm

Camera batteries can be a risk when loose as they can come in contact and overheat

A 1" section of an inner tube forms a cover on the terminal end of the battery making them safe.

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Re: Repurposing old bike parts

Postby Polisman » 22 Dec 2019, 2:10pm

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Re: Repurposing old bike parts

Postby gxaustin » 22 Dec 2019, 6:34pm

Looks like stuff you don't want made from stuff you can't use :twisted:

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Re: Repurposing old bike parts

Postby axel_knutt » 26 Jul 2020, 2:55pm

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