Bike Storage over winter

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Re: Bike Storage over winter

Postby boris » 2 Feb 2020, 11:01am

£450 made me jump. A local bike shop surely would put them in a corner till you get back for perhaps the cost of a service when you pick them up. (You would be better asking well away from that London.) Lithium batteries, as long as they are at least half charged and disconnected will be fine and lose little charge and practically no capacity. I got out some 18650s I haven't touched for years and they were fine.
There may be an expert on here who will comment. Trickle charge is for lead-acid or every few months top-up for NiMH. Not for your ebikes, unless they are ancient and have the aforementioned batteries.

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Re: Bike Storage over winter

Postby hemo » 2 Feb 2020, 11:56pm

Cells on there own may well keep constant voltage but once you add a BMS you don't know how it will last. Occasionally the bleed resistors fail and then drains a cell group to useless.

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Re: Bike Storage over winter

Postby [XAP]Bob » 3 Feb 2020, 10:38pm

Could find someone here willing to store them. I probably have room - but you’d want to be coming this way anyway... though the train link to London is quite good.
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