Bar end plugs

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Bar end plugs

Postby RodT » 28 May 2020, 7:20am

Anyone know where to find bar end plugs to fit Planet X Geoff bars? They’re too narrow for standard plugs. Till I find some, I’m having to use Glenmorangie whisky tops, shaved down to fit, and it’s getting expensive.
Thanks, and cheers.

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Re: Bar end plugs

Postby Brucey » 28 May 2020, 7:47am

try searching for 'BMX bar end plugs'; these more often fit the narrow ID of some bars, and many are expanding type so are very secure too. However many also have a large OD on the plug cap, so don't match all 'road' grips/bar taping.


BTW using these in whisky bottles makes yer single malt taste funny, so it is not a fair exchange...


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Re: Bar end plugs

Postby Gattonero » 30 May 2020, 9:20am

BMX bars are most often steel so their ID does not differ that much from aluminium Mtb ones.
But there are differences between manufacturers, ad this is mostly due to the expanding system. Look for the ones with an expander that has a cone/wedge at the end with long slots along the plug; those are the ones that will cope with a big difference in handlebar ID. The ones with a rubber bung, like the Hope ones, are less tolerant.
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Re: Bar end plugs

Postby reohn2 » 30 May 2020, 10:14am

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Re: Bar end plugs

Postby RodT » 1 Jun 2020, 7:28am

Thanks for the advice. I’ve ordered a pair from eBay.

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Re: Bar end plugs

Postby sharpedge » 1 Jun 2020, 4:35pm

Personally I would stick with the Glenmorangie tops. You only need two at a time but just think of the feel good feeling as you HAVE to finish the bottles quickly for the tops. And they will nee replacing every month I reckon!!!!!!!!