merino wool and moths

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merino wool and moths

Postby roberts8 » 4 Jun 2020, 10:36am

I am thinking of buying the Decathlon merino wool cycling top but i have in the past lost a few cashmere jumpers to moths. I assume being wool it would have to keep in in a bag with moth spray or something but I quite like the comments of wearing a top like this. Owners please advise on storage and it it worth the extra.

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Re: merino wool and moths

Postby thornie1543 » 4 Jun 2020, 10:50am

Get out more.

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Re: merino wool and moths

Postby Paulatic » 4 Jun 2020, 10:55am

I wear merino , cashmere, and any other wool fibre combo all the time. Not noticed a moth problem but is that because I wear them all the time and they are rarely in storage?
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Re: merino wool and moths

Postby colin54 » 4 Jun 2020, 11:14am

I have a favorite Rohan merino zipped long sleeve top that the moths took a shine to, it's just about had it after 8 years (and I bought it from a charity shop). A lady who ran a wool shop repaired another moth damaged jumper for me, but only on the understanding that I put it in the freezer before I gave it to her as she didn't want moth larvae in her stock of wool. I had a favourite jumper that I used to keep in there after that advice. I just leave them in plastic bags, if clean now. Moths are more attracted to unwashed garments as well I am led to believe from previous internet gleanings. I think laid flat in a garment bag would work.
I'm getting good use out of my Aldi zipped top at the moment fingers crossed, cheap as well.

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Re: merino wool and moths

Postby ambodach » 4 Jun 2020, 12:41pm

I have a couple of short sleeve and a couple of longs sleeve merino wool base layers plus a merino wool cycling top and never had any moth problems. I also have wool jerseys which I have had for years and again never any problems.
I don't think it is anything to do with storage as I tend to be a bit casual about putting them away. It may be that once you have a local problem it may be difficult to eradicate.
In the past I remember camphor mothballs were favoured and in gatherings such as weekly church services the smell was very characteristic from the "Sunday best" clothing.

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Re: merino wool and moths

Postby rotavator » 4 Jun 2020, 1:51pm

Cedar wood and oil are also supposed to deter moths. I like the idea of storing fine woolens in the freezer and might just do that with my thermals over the warmer months.

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Re: merino wool and moths

Postby pwa » 4 Jun 2020, 2:41pm

We are gradually replacing all our expensive wool carpets with cheaper synthetic ones because we have had recurrent moth problems. In spite of that my wife, who does wear some wool, has not reported problems with clothing. I'd just store expensive woollen clothing in bags if I had a worry on that score. Unfortunately you can't do that with carpets.

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Re: merino wool and moths

Postby simonineaston » 4 Jun 2020, 3:43pm

I live in a modern apartment on the third floor. My wardrobe (you will be delighted to learn...) consists of a mix of cotton, woolen and "man-made" fibres. For the past few years, since I moved in, I have seen no moths. Now, all of a sudden, the woolen elements of the wardrobe are attracting tiny and very flimsy, little moth-like insects. Where the [deleted expletive] do they come from??

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Re: merino wool and moths

Postby geomannie » 4 Jun 2020, 7:43pm

If you have moths, I am afraid you will likely have them pretty much everywhere.

We have a house full of woolen stuff and have never seen a moth in decades. My mother conversely, had moths and until we disposed of or treated every woollen in every room they persisted. It was a right war of attrition. My sister had the same problem.

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Re: merino wool and moths

Postby thirdcrank » 4 Jun 2020, 7:55pm

I'm not an owner of the garment mentioned in the OP but between us my wife and I have quite a lot of woollen togs including Crane merino base layers bought from Aldi some years ago.

I use these Rentokil products from Wilko which are presumably more widely available ... /p/0334451

They claim to kill eggs, larvae and adult moths for up to six months. ie They don't just deter them. They can be laid flat in a drawer or hung by the built-in hook in a wardrobe. Not particularly cheap at £6-00 for four but I've had no problems with moths - touch wood - while I've used them. Obviously, it's impossible to say if they have worked in that I may have avoided moth infestation without them, but this has reminded me it's time to replace mine.

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Re: merino wool and moths

Postby jgurney » 4 Jun 2020, 10:07pm

ambodach wrote:I also have wool jerseys which I have had for years and again never any problems.

I would have said the same up to last Sept. If I thought of moths at all, it was as something from the past, having memories of old books referring to mothballs, and childhood recollections of the 'Mighty Moth' comic character.

Then - the moths struck! Fortunately, our merino base layers were in a tight-fitting drawer which seemed to foil them, but other woollens folded away on shelves over summer turned out when checked to be either needing repairs or in some cases ruined.

According to various sources (e.g. ... -zprkgvnwc and ... be-stopped) there was been a moth plague last year. Museums have struggled to protect historic tapestries and soft furnishings.

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Re: merino wool and moths

Postby JohnW » 4 Jun 2020, 10:57pm

I'm now going to go upstairs (to the bedroom) to check my woollies......................... :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

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Re: merino wool and moths

Postby Oldjohnw » 6 Jun 2020, 1:07pm

I have a lot of wool stuff: merino, lambswool and heavier wool. Never had a moth problem although I do routinely have cedar wood balls (not me personally, you understand).

I do have a little problem with 100% merino wool boxers (Alpkit) which I use for walking: thwy wear on the seat rather quickly. I intend next time to get a mixed fabric so as to be a little more robust, despite giving up on manmade stuff where possible a few years ago.

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Re: merino wool and moths

Postby simonineaston » 6 Jun 2020, 1:12pm

merino base layers were in a tight-fitting drawer
Hmmm... zip-lock placcie bags are available in all sort of sizes v. cheap off of ebay - might give them a go for my woolens.

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Re: merino wool and moths

Postby PH » 6 Jun 2020, 1:18pm

I've had a really nice Icebreaker polo shirt turn into a string vest, I won't get caught again. I found an airtight box that fits inside a draw and my wollens are in it, along with a couple of cedar balls as insurance.