Flat pedal recommendations

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Flat pedal recommendations

Postby D363 » 21 Jun 2020, 9:15am

Currently I've got both SPDs and flats on different bikes and have decided I prefer flats of the BMX / MTB type. But, looking at buying them new there's a lot of options. Looking at the low cost end, Spa Cycles have some rebranded wellgos, system ex MP 650, and elsewhere there's the unpromisingly named 4-jeri pro-style which apparently use loose bearings. Any opinions on either, in terms of long term reliability and serviceability?

Likely use is all weather plodding, not much off road to speak of, possible exposure to road salt.

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Re: Flat pedal recommendations

Postby Altissima » 21 Jun 2020, 10:41am

I have DMR v8 pedals like these;

I uses to commute on my bikes all year round. I haven't serviced them yet but they have a grease gun included and can be rebuilt

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Re: Flat pedal recommendations

Postby Brucey » 21 Jun 2020, 10:45am

for some years the top value pedal of this type has been Wellgo LU987U. Normally you get these for about £10 a pair.
both 1/2" and 9/16" spindles are available in the LU987U model

However -like a lot of cheaper pedals- they don't have decent seals or a lube port. In practice if you use these pedals on a bike with mudguards and you give the inboard bearings a squirt of aerosol SFG whenever you lube the chain, even entirely unsealed pedals will last OK in winter conditions.

You get better seals and a lube port with DMR V8 (original type, not V2) in an otherwise similar pedal to Wellgo LU987U. [NB the 'U' suffix is important; other LU987 models may be very different.]

Loose ball bearings have endured as a low-cost pedal bearing because they are very good; provided you are prepared to keep the bearings lubed and adjusted, cheap wellgos etc will last longer than a lot of fancier pedals and be more efficient to boot.


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Re: Flat pedal recommendations

Postby jimlews » 21 Jun 2020, 12:24pm

I remember a suggestion, many years ago, in one of the MTB magazines, to place a short section of inner tube over the pedal spindle between crank arm and pedal, such that it formed an external seal.

Not tried it myself. Good idea - or not?
Inner tube would have to be less than 3/4" dia.

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Re: Flat pedal recommendations

Postby D363 » 21 Jun 2020, 1:37pm

Thanks everyone. The V8 was the first choice but I couldn't find any in stock anywhere. I'll probably go for the loose bearing option and keep up with the greasing.

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Re: Flat pedal recommendations

Postby mjr » 21 Jun 2020, 5:36pm

I think my favourites are the Wellgo LU 868 (might be 808 because I confuse them with a pair of similarly numbered Union pedals on another bike) but I've yet to suffer a bad Wellgo.
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