... about organising a (retro) ride?

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... about organising a (retro) ride?

Postby speedsixdave » 22 Jun 2020, 9:14am

Morning all,

This year there is no Eroica Britannia and no Moulton weekends, which are some of my most-enjoyed times on and around the bike. I saw some of my riding buddies yesterday with whom we have been to various Eroicae retro rides in the past, and we lamented the lack. This set me wondering about the practicalities of organising a very low-key retro ride.

What are the barriers to doing such a thing? I have no interest in organising a festival, running a club, charging money, arranging camping, producing t-shirts, providing food stops, having stalls, timing people and all that business. What I would like is to ride old bikes for 30 miles or so with like-minded people that I may or may not have met before, have a cup of tea and a bit of cake half way round, and talk rubbish about Sturmey-Archer gears and the like. I'd like it to be open to everyone but not socially unmanageable - fifty people would be great, five thousand would be awful.

I suppose what I'm asking is: at what point does inviting people to an open ride through a forum like this and a poster in the LBS window turn into a legal responsibility to notify the police and council and for the safety and welfare of any participants?

Finally there's obviously COVID-19 issues too. Please take it as read that any such ride would only take place when appropriate social distancing were to allow it.
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Re: ... about organising a (retro) ride?

Postby mattsccm » 22 Jun 2020, 10:30am

I would say that the minute you organise you become responsible.The legal implications are, sadly, significant should things go wrong and somebody wants to make something of it. Police and council notifications are less onerous as unless its a competition or very large gathering it is none of their business.
Are you a member of a club? Pretty easy for a BC or CUK club to run a social event on bikes. Just pick a theme.

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Re: ... about organising a (retro) ride?

Postby scottg » 22 Jun 2020, 2:05pm

Are you a member of the VCC ?

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Re: ... about organising a (retro) ride?

Postby RobC » 22 Jun 2020, 2:36pm

This sounds like a great idea.

There are ways to avoid it becoming ‘official’. For example the Dunwich Dynamo takes place every year with thousands of cyclists taking part, and it is in no way officially organised. People just know that they have to show up at London Fields around 8pm on the Saturday closest to the first full moon in July. It’s a ‘happening’, to use that now rather quaint expression.

Nobody can stop you riding on public roads, and if it just so happens that quite a few other people seem to have shown up to go for a ride with you at the same time, then that’s just coincidence. I’d say just state a time and a place, and leave it at that.