Maximum Tyre width that will fit

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Maximum Tyre width that will fit

Postby BasalGanglia » 26 Jul 2020, 4:41pm

I have a Merida Crossway Urban 100 2016, which is a Hybrid bike. I currently have tires on 700 x 36c but want to put wider ones on.

The rim itself says 1910 x 28 written inside. Does this indicate what tire widths I can install? I'm currently looking at a tire that is 38c wide but might be interested in 40c width. Does anyone know if these would fit on that wheel?


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Re: Maximum Tyre width that will fit

Postby Brucey » 26 Jul 2020, 6:31pm

1910 x 28 sounds like the rim tape size.

The dimension you need to determine is the rim inner width since this determines the range of tyre sizes that will fit and work OK

for example it is marked 22mm in the diagram below


the other thing you should worry about is how close the tyre runs to the frame stays at the back, the forks at the front, and any mudguards there might be.


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Re: Maximum Tyre width that will fit

Postby BobSweet » 2 Aug 2020, 5:15pm

Schwalbe have a guide which tells you this but you may like to measure the inner rim width rather than rely on the "28" stamp.: