Trying to find a suitable bike at 27st?

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Big Boy Dan
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Re: Trying to find a suitable bike at 27st?

Postby Big Boy Dan » 30 Jul 2020, 1:41pm

PH wrote:
Big Boy Dan wrote:Hi all, thanks for the suggestions, elephant bikes look like the most ideal thing for me right now, i currently live in a rather flat area with not many slopes or hills so this looks like it'd probably be the best thing for me.

It looks a good choice to me, though I've only had a short play on one.
Don't over do it, there's nothing wrong with walking up some slopes, make your own rules. It's far better to get home feeling like you could have done a bit more, than so knackered you never want to get on the bike again. When I started I used to do laps of a park, allowed me to increase the distance without committing to it. Good luck, I need some of that myself, this last three months hasn't been kind to my waistline :oops:

cheers!, yeah the start of lockdown was just like being back at uni for me haha, junk food all the time, luckily i snapped out of that pretty quick and started losing weight, its tough but rewarding once you start seeing the lb's drop off the scales!

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Re: Trying to find a suitable bike at 27st?

Postby printedland » 30 Jul 2020, 1:57pm

Big Boy Dan wrote:if anyone else has any reccomendations i'd be happy to hear them :)

Hand-built wheels have been mentioned further up the post. I've had both whole bikes and replacement wheels from Spa Cycles, who will build to your requirements. For example, strong rims like the 36-hole version of these: ... utnik-700c along with these spokes: ... ong-Silver would make a strong wheel. You can order one of their off-the-peg bikes (e.g. this one ... ar-9-Speed) and specify what kind of wheels you want.