Cervicals Neck Pain from my Set Up

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Cervicals Neck Pain from my Set Up

Postby andys794 » 16 Sep 2020, 9:22pm

Hi Folks,

Newbie here so go easy please...

I really got the cycling bug 18 months ago and set myself the target of Velo as a way to get out onto the roads. Something that I really struggled with through training and the eventual day was neck pain in my cervicals which i've since had a lot of chiro on. I've recently tried to get back on the bike and had the same issue so took it to a chap to look at my configuration.

I have a specialized Allez and it's a 54 frame. This was intially set up for me when i bought it but i don't recall my handlebars ever being tuned to my reach, it was just leg length that was considered. I'm 5'9/5'10 but my height is definitely in my legs. Have been told that my frame may be slightly small for me but it seems i've basically ridden the whole time reaching out too far and straining my neck has done a fair bit of damage.

Has anyone had similar issues and found a solution? I'd prefer not to shell out £700 on another bike and wasn't sure if i could build my bars up or even change my frame while using the rest of my bike?

Thank you in advance for any advice


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Re: Cervicals Neck Pain from my Set Up

Postby 531colin » 16 Sep 2020, 10:08pm

Post a picture of your handlebar stem. Its possible that simply turning the stem the other way up will raise the bars.....or maybe a different stem (high rise/short reach)
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Re: Cervicals Neck Pain from my Set Up

Postby Jdsk » 16 Sep 2020, 10:09pm


Do you mean "cervical vertebrae", and who diagnosed that?

Can you add a side-on photo of you on the bike, preferably while riding?