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Ergon Grips on a Brompton

Posted: 2 Oct 2020, 12:50pm
by simonhill
I ride the basic Ergon grips with separate bar ends on my touring bikes. I like them.

The standard grips on my Brompton feel really thin and feel a bit basic and cheap. I am thinking of adding Ergons to it, either GP2 or GP3, the ones with the built in short bar ends.

My question, can you fit Ergon 2s or 3s to M bars without interfering with the fold?

Re: Ergon Grips on a Brompton

Posted: 2 Oct 2020, 1:05pm
by TrevA
I thought of doing the same to my M3L. Should be no problem with GP1s according to this: ... ple-steps/

GP2s don’t interfere with the fold but might rest/rub slightly on the floor. You might have to adjust the angle so that they don’t rub.

Re: Ergon Grips on a Brompton

Posted: 2 Oct 2020, 9:31pm
by DaveP
Just been looking at mine - ground clearance for the left grip is clearly the problem area. A lot is going to depend on the angle you want them set at and on the alignment of your bars in the stem.

Re: Ergon Grips on a Brompton

Posted: 3 Oct 2020, 12:28pm
by Martyn B
Simon - I also wanted to fit the same Ergon grips on my Brompton and was fortunate enough to already have a set on my Kinesis Crosslight, so I was able to experiment before purchasing a second set. Unfortunately, as DaveP states, the angle of the stem on the left side renders this nigh-on impossible without upsetting the balance of the bike when fully folded. Instead, I fitted the Ergon 1 grips, which are so much better than those spongey jobbies which were on mine when I bought it eight or so years ago. Although I'd still like to have some sort of stem to grip from time to time, the Ergon 1 grips are definitely a more than adequate compromise. A fellow Bromptoneer with whom I do multi-day tours from time to time has the sporty 'flat-bar' version, and the 2's DO seem to be okay on that type of bar.


Re: Ergon Grips on a Brompton

Posted: 6 Oct 2020, 8:50am
by Tangled Metal
I'm looking at getting a brompton (m6l, m6r, s6l or s6r I'm not sure yet) and from the brompton reddit the ergonomic 1 or 2 grips are considered among the better modifications. The posts I've read basically describe 1 if more town and less hilly or 2 if hilly. They don't mention folded issues. Is that down to how far the bars are tilted forward or backwards?

Aiui you can micro adjust fit by turning thee bars in the stem. I'm tall and wondering whether im likely to suit the m bars tilted more forwards and whether that would make the ergon 2s fit?

Re: Ergon Grips on a Brompton

Posted: 6 Oct 2020, 5:41pm
by simonhill
Thanks for the replies, I'll have a play and measure next time I fold it.