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Re: Arthur Caygill 631 touring framset

Posted: 2 Nov 2020, 6:44pm
by mumbojumbo
Is this the Arthur that ran the NUM in 1970s>

Re: Arthur Caygill 631 touring framset

Posted: 8 Nov 2020, 1:14pm
by newtotouring
colin54 wrote:I came across these 'Howgill' framesets for sale on ebay yesterday, seller in Preston. Described as : 'Howgill Touring Frame Reynolds 725 Chrome-Moly Steel Fork 531'.
It has stainless steel drop-outs similar to a Hewitt Cheviot SE. Available in small/medium /large and four different colours, there are some differences to the Hewitt geometry table shown in this thread of Brucey's about the Hewitt/Byercycles etc frames.
Geometry table in the advert, no connection to seller. ... ondition=3
Clearly described in the ad as a Taiwanese made frame.

That's interesting. Thanks for this.


Re: Arthur Caygill 631 touring framset

Posted: 8 Nov 2020, 1:21pm
by newtotouring
fastpedaller wrote:
newtotouring wrote:Hello,

I've lots of parts to build into a suitable, affordable light to medium touring bike and am looking for a frameset other than the Spa Cycles ones.

May I ask why you don't prefer a Spa? - Just curious, certainly not criticising..... we all like a choice.
interestingly looking at the Caygill there is no reference to 'badging bought in frames' indeed they say they have the production facility to make frames in steel and alloy, and carbon fibre . Hmm, Curious

I'm interested in the Caygill frameset as a friend of mine loaned me this Spa tourer for a few weeks and I wasn't overly impressed with the ride of it tbh. It felt quite dead to me. I was using the Spa bike to commute around 15 miles a day for the couple of weeks I tried it with a lightish load of two 15l panniers which were filled to different extents on a daily basis with work gear and shopping. My point of reference for how it felt was a 2013 Dawes Horizon that I had (and should never have sold!) which felt good.