Quick link removal without tools.

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Re: Quick link removal without tools.

Postby gregoryoftours » 24 Oct 2020, 2:44pm

SimonCelsa wrote:On a similar vein, I was helping a pal yesterday fitting up his new titanium framed Vaaru mountain bike, and having hell of a job getting the shimano 11 speed chain master link to 'pull tight'. Do you need a special tool for this link. He wouldn't let me stamp on the pedals to stretch it and he has a wide/narrow chainring so trying to belt it down on a tooth didn't work either.

Glad I'm still on 8 speed!!

Despite a tool being useful, there really is no need for one to install an 11sp master link. They're tight because they are designed to be single use, but a slightly more careful variation of your 'stamp on the pedals' method is all that's needed, and shouldn't be unacceptable to anyone.
Lean the bike or have someone hold it upright. Quick link on top chain run as usual. Pinch the sides of the link together with one hand so that neither sideplate displaces during installation while you lean on the ds pedal with your other hand. Much the same as the foot on the pedal but a bit less gung ho.

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Re: Quick link removal without tools.

Postby SimonCelsa » 24 Oct 2020, 4:03pm

I managed to convince him it would be OK and got it to 'click' into position by holding the back of the bike whilst he tried to pedal (he hasn't fitted the brakes yet). I think my telling him to stomp on the pedals probably put him off initially. He has sunk quite a bit of cash (endowment policy matured) into this project and all the components are shiny and new. I much rather the 'used but good' acquisition of parts.

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Re: Quick link removal without tools.

Postby mercalia » 25 Oct 2020, 12:43pm

easier to to just get the tool. Unless you like oiling up your hands more than you need to? They dont cost much.I got an IceToolz one for just £12 from Ebay. There are lots that are quite cheap that will do the job.