Turbo trainer apps advice

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Rod Goodfellow
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Turbo trainer apps advice

Postby Rod Goodfellow » 7 Nov 2020, 3:28pm

I have acquired a Wahoo Kickr and am looking for advice on the most appropriate apps to suit my needs. I am 82 and post hip replacement and cardiac arrest 3 years ago,so serious training is irrelevant,but am still interested in the numbers.I mostly ride alone on the road but am competent in bunches as long as I can keep up,last year I was doing 26 or 27 minute 10mile TTs but nothing this year.As I feel the cold more nowadays I wont go out when it is<5C,snow,or very windy so intend to use the turbo in the garage to maintain fitness.Research so far suggests the choice lies between Zwift and Rouvy. Sensible comments please!

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Re: Turbo trainer apps advice

Postby TrevA » 7 Nov 2020, 5:33pm

I would give both a try and see which you like. I’ve only used Zwift, you get a very short free trial unless you can find a code for a month’s trial, which comes with some new trainers. However, if you are paying monthly for Zwift, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

There’s also RGT (Road Grand Tours) - not used that either.

Trainer Road and Sufferfest are aimed at more serious training (to get fitter) so are probably not suitable for you.
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Re: Turbo trainer apps advice

Postby rfryer » 7 Nov 2020, 5:43pm

I've tried most of the options, and settled firmly on Zwift. I didn't want to - it's expensive, and I object to the incessant advertising on TV and online - but it is much more immersive than the other options, whether training, racing or just going for a ride.

When it comes down to it, the main requirement is that you don't give up because the whole experience is so tedious, and Zwift ticks that box for me and many of my friends.

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Re: Turbo trainer apps advice

Postby eileithyia » 7 Nov 2020, 6:03pm

Hi Rod, we use Zwift. There are options of routes as well. When I don't want a route with hills (or at least the gradients transmitting to the trainer), when I might be just doing a spin or something more structured with specific intervals, I choose the ''rider choice and 60-90mins' option, this gives the 'route' but irons out the gradients.
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