Why does nobody want paper maps anymore?

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Re: Why does nobody want paper maps anymore?

Postby simonineaston » 2 Jan 2021, 9:32pm

I bet it will show you where the nearest Mc Donald's is, though. :wink:
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Re: Why does nobody want paper maps anymore?

Postby NATURAL ANKLING » 3 Jan 2021, 11:08pm

simonineaston wrote:My standard stuff for either a walk or a ride, is my satellite tracker, a paper map, centered on the route and a Silva compass. The 'leccy tracker, stuffed full of clever features tho' it is, is next-to-useless for looking at an overview of the route, when I simply want to see the route in its entireity, the surrounding countryside and where appropriate, alternative routes and features that don't lie exactly or near to the planned itinery. It's not either / or - they're complimentary.


But lay of the land and a map is completely useless when dark / mist.....without a reliable compass (magnetic rock excepted :P )
Sat navs great for staying on track and recording without extra work, but if an area I don't know I like to view what else is there, mostly walking, thou off road cycling especially wild camping a map allows definite plot is not near other dwellings.
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