Is this the ideal winter bike?

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Re: Is this the ideal winter bike?

Postby colin54 » 2 Jan 2021, 12:35pm

peetee wrote:Maybe it’s very hilly round there and that is an attempt to plumb in a water-cooled brake system. Which, of course, wouldn’t be needed if it wasn’t so damn heavy. :roll:

Correct of course peetee. I believe there is likely to be a similarly equipped bicycle bolted on the other side of the building as well, the weight of the bricks become problematic once you get it rolling on a down-slope.The water cooling is however notoriously inefficient for obvious reasons in sub-zero temperatures.
Terry Gilliam achieved greater success, moving even heavier structures utilising wind, rather than leg
power but also tragically neglected to factor in stopping distances into his design calculations.
So 'an ideal winter bike' , as it is, I think not.
The icing problem might however be overcome by affixing the machines frames to the interior walls (just 'outside the box' thinking) and removing the floor (to enable wheel-drive), thus perhaps reducing these issues (due to wind-chill) once underway.

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Re: Is this the ideal winter bike?

Postby seph » 5 Jan 2021, 11:04pm

Great place to dry your gloves during the caf stop :D

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Re: Is this the ideal winter bike?

Postby rmurphy195 » 6 Jan 2021, 3:44pm

pete75 wrote:1-01-2021 11-16-44.jpg

It would be if the boiler was on there as well ...
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Re: Is this the ideal winter bike?

Postby drossall » 6 Jan 2021, 11:43pm

The design is a bit rad.