Warmest Winter Gloves

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Re: Warmest Winter Gloves

Postby philvantwo » 5 Jan 2021, 6:49am

I had a pair of Portwest work trousers a few years ago......lasted a fortnight and were absolutely rubbish so I'd give the gloves a miss!

Andy Short
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Re: Warmest Winter Gloves

Postby Andy Short » 13 Jan 2021, 8:30pm

I find that Ozzo gloves by Inmotion products are ok for all but the coldest weather.
They come in yellow or red, with pail grey leather palms
which are ideal for indications being seen. They are also available in black.the colours do show up dirt, though.
If really cold, I go for golfing mitts from Sports Direct. No colours or leather palms, though.

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Re: Warmest Winter Gloves

Postby Bmblbzzz » 13 Jan 2021, 8:44pm

I second the recommendation for pogies, if using flat bars.

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Re: Warmest Winter Gloves

Postby hemo » 13 Jan 2021, 11:01pm

Carnac lobsters and when it really gets cold some silk under gloves.

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Re: Warmest Winter Gloves

Postby Sweep » 14 Jan 2021, 8:27am

thirdcrank wrote:Not cycling-specific, but over the years I've had several pairs of excellent Winter gloves from here


Their range is called Extremities.

Advantages include that they offer a range of different materials and weights.

Disadvantages = price and the fact that I doubt you would find a traditional bricks-and-mortar retailer stocking more than a small part of the range.

I used to buy at Nevisport in Leeds and York but they went down market then closed.

I think Outdoor Action in blackburn stock a fair amount of their range. On the right as you go through the front door.