Which entry level tourer? Claud Butler Regent 2007?

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Which entry level tourer? Claud Butler Regent 2007?

Postby snailspace » 13 Jul 2008, 4:32pm

I have been looking for a touring bike for a while. I will be using it to commute and probably for an annual tour fully loaded. I don't have a big budget (£500 tops) and need quite a small frame (17"-19", 43-48cm). I have looked at the new Dawes Horizon but the 48cm frame is too big and I also recently spotted a Claud Butler Regent 2007 for a bargain price. Does anyone know much about this bike - would it suit my purposes and how does it compare with the other entry level tourers? Any advice appreciated.

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Postby iaincullen » 13 Jul 2008, 4:46pm

No idea about the Claud Butler Regent. Maybe worth a look is the Edinburgh Bicycle Revolution Country Traveller. £400.


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Postby Edwards » 13 Jul 2008, 5:11pm

When you put the 48cm was to small, I was not sure about putting this but the Country Traveler is on sale at £299 though only 49cm.
It might be worth checking the complete size, top tube ectc. Then compare to the Dawes.
I do not know anthing about the Butler.

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Postby brianleach » 13 Jul 2008, 6:26pm

Can't comment on the 2007 Regent but have recently bought the 2008 model (58cm frame) and am very happy with it.

Well made, pretty good equipment and gearing seems good for me as it fairly stonks along. Comfortable saddle, good rack. I replaced the toeclip pedals with my spds but that's a personal choice.

It's very much a road bike however and I wouldn't want to do much off road stuff on it. I went on a CTC event during bike week and a lot of this was off road. To say I struggled would be an understatement.

Hope that's useful. I plan to take it on a long weekend to Brittany in August so will then no doubt be able to give more pros and con


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Postby daveg » 13 Jul 2008, 10:40pm

My son has reently been looking for part communting, part touring. He went for the Edinburgh Country Traveller. Cracking bike and well kitted out. Well worth a look.

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Postby snailspace » 15 Jul 2008, 11:14pm

thank you all. I am exploring all options and now looking at hybrids too!


Postby workhard » 16 Jul 2008, 11:05am

Evans had some CB Regents in their recent clear out sale. None in my size worse luck on the day I went. Have just ordered a EBC Country Explorer 08 via Bike to Work. Given up on flat bar hybrids and MTB's/ATB's for long rides touring or commuting even with bar ends just not enough variety of hand hold positions and riding position just a bit too head down and nailing it for me.

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Postby Lawrie9 » 16 Jul 2008, 11:15am

With the term "entry level" do we mean cheap. If so why not go for a used classic tourer which will have a build quality far better than any of the budget level stuff. Key in touring bikes on ebay and you will see masses of examples going for very little money.

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Postby snailspace » 16 Jul 2008, 9:17pm

Yes I do mean cheap! Seems difficult to find a small touring bike second hand in my area else would have gone for it.