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info on ridgeback panorama

Posted: 20 Jul 2008, 5:45pm
by Fred Armour
I have been cycling for quite a few years,mainly road bike. However Iam thinking of doing alot more touring in the future.
I want to buy a new bicycle for touring, but unable to decide which one to buy. I am thinking of a Ridgeback panorama. Has onyone got touring experience on these bikes? I would like to hear from you

Thank you

Posted: 20 Jul 2008, 8:03pm
by patricktaylor
I bought a Ridgeback Panorama in June. I haven't actually toured on it yet but have done about 650 miles, a proportion with two fully loaded rear panniers. I'm very pleased with the bike indeed and intend to tour on it in the near future (my wife got one too).

Before I bought it I read this, and was much reassured. He very recently rode one fully loaded from Scotland to Northern Norway - the page has links to his blog for the trip.

I wrote a web page about the bike - click my www icon below, and 'Bike 2' in my sig for a picture.

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