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any bike-joring fans????

Posted: 21 Oct 2008, 1:08pm
by lauriematt

ive always thought about doing bikejoring with our dog....but wandered how many other people did it???
and were they bought things like ropes / harnesses from???

there was an ad on the For Sale & Wanted about selling some gear a month or two ago but i couldnt find it

Posted: 21 Oct 2008, 2:19pm
by bikely-challenged
Never heard of this before. Thanks for posting.

My Husband takes the dog out on his bike (against my wishes - I think it's dangerous). He has a dog-jogger type lead which clips to a very strong clip on his belt. It's like a wrinkly-bungee thing. It's not designed for pulling, but as our dog is a dreadful puller he often does pull if Hubby goes too slow.

Having read that Wiki article I'm annoyed with myself for not insisting the dog wears his harness when on the bike. The poor boy has been wearing a half check. :(

We got the joggers lead from Aldi. Hubby had to modify it a bit, but not much.

Posted: 21 Oct 2008, 2:56pm
by Si
would love to have a go if I had a couple of dogs.

read a book (winterdance) about a chap who was getting ready for the iditarod dog sled race. These were full on racing dogs in Alaska. For summer training he hitched up his dog team to his MTB, made itto theend ofthe drive way before coming of andspent therest of the day looking for the dogs. He later discovered that he could hitch the same number of dogs to his old dodge pickup and they would happily tow it along a quite a speed!

Posted: 21 Oct 2008, 3:15pm
by Manx Cat
It looks bloomin' dangerous to me!

SOrry folks, I would BOUND to have a pooch who thought the bunnies were favourable across the motorway if this were me.

I would love to watch it as a sport, but na... soo scary for me. No thanks... I mean, how do you stop!

Maybe chuck a treat out somewhere and hope your brakes are working well. :lol:


Posted: 21 Oct 2008, 3:17pm
by Manx Cat
Saying that.... Might help Albert lose some weight.... DO they do Kittie harnesses.... Wonder what that would be called...?

How to make ya cat a Manx cat? :D


Posted: 21 Oct 2008, 5:58pm
by reohn2
Dogs tied to bikes=Bonkers :shock:

IMO I don't think there is anything worse.

thinks............perhaps tying a horse to a bike(someone will have tried it :? )

Posted: 21 Oct 2008, 8:18pm
by whoops
bikely-challenged wrote:My Husband takes the dog out on his bike (against my wishes - I think it's dangerous). I'm annoyed with myself for not insisting the dog wears his harness when on the bike.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Any Bike Joring Fans ????

Posted: 21 Oct 2008, 8:49pm
This one's not for me - seems you neither have full control of the bike or the dog. For most dogs just as important as the exercise is the ability to stop & sniff (read the papers about who's been here before etc.) - and the rest - how do you know when your four legged pal has left a solid deposit for you to pick up ? - but then he doesn't get a chance to stop anyway. A dog walk's a dog walk, a bike ride's a bike ride.

Posted: 21 Oct 2008, 9:33pm
by bikely-challenged
The OP's topic is a sport, though, not a dog walk. Presumably they get a sniff n stop walk at other times.

It was me (again) that went OT, sorry. :oops:

Posted: 21 Oct 2008, 10:22pm
by Slowroad
When I was cycling in the Netherlands a few years ago I saw several people 'walking' their dogs whilst cycling, using a spring attachment on the bike which allowed some flexibility.

Posted: 21 Oct 2008, 11:20pm
by Khornight
I've walked my dads lab while on the bike (he also got a terrier that fits nicely in the pannier)... even got a picture of him doing it
Also walked a friends husky... not as easy, it pulled hard (although only for the first half of the ride)...
I've also had greyhounds, which were totally scared of the bike so that would never work...

But intentionally getting dogs to pull a bike is out of order if you ask me...

Posted: 22 Oct 2008, 9:46am
by lauriematt
Manx Cat wrote:SOrry folks, I would BOUND to have a pooch who thought the bunnies were favourable across the motorway if this were me.

I mean, how do you stop!


i was out with my dog (on a bike with him on his lead) one day down country lanes...& he came across a cat!...i dont think i need to explain :lol:
i ended up on the floor with the dog looking very confused at what had happened!

obviously this only for well trained dogs - you wouldnt take your dog out if you knew that he wasnt trained enough

some trainers spand a month or two just running with their dog - with the same set up as on the bike ie harnesses & ropes - in order to get the dog trained

its exactly the same action for the dog but without the major risk for the cyclist

Posted: 19 Nov 2008, 3:19pm
by janeandskye
I am new to this forum but wanted to quickly send a response...

I take my WSD (working Sheepdog / unregisterd Border Collie) Bikejoring every morning and she loves it!
It's definately not her only walk of the day but its a great way to burn some of her "collie energy" in the morning.

I use a X Back harness which has made to fit (about £25 from so that she is not straining any part of her body.

I only attach her to the bike in the areas that she would normally be on the lead (roads / tracks etc) and its a great way for her to run instead of plodding. I see so many dogs that aren't allowed off the lead and if the owners took up bikejoring their dogs would at least get to run!

Posted: 19 Nov 2008, 4:00pm
by Mick F
bikely-challenged wrote: - I think it's dangerous ...

Many, many years ago, I used to take our Border Collie, Sally, out for runs with me on the bike. She was as good as gold, a wonderful 'female dog' (it seems I can't refer to her properly - my late father-in-law used to call her "A billy sitch"!).

It broke my heart when she died.


Anyway, one evening, she was dashing along, just in front of me, with me pedaling furiously to keep up. She looked round, slowed a little, and shied into my front wheel.

The front mudguard shot up under the forks, and I did a header onto the tarmac! I wasn't hurt much, more shocked than anything. All Sally could do was pant, give me a lick, and look a little puzzled!

I limped home, pushing my bike, with Sally trotting to my side.

Posted: 19 Nov 2008, 5:24pm
by mike
In Germany I've seen car-joring. People driving along the road with their arms out of the window holding the lead with a dog on the end. Now that does look dangerous.