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Re: Non-hideous bike clobber

Postby Kevin K » 4 Jan 2010, 10:18pm

Jonty wrote:I agree with Mary about Corinne Dennis. I've got a pair of her cyling longs. Lovely fit, comfortable warm material, elasticated waist band rather than one of those silly cords which never tighten properly and then break, and zips at the bottom of the legs. Very stylist and practical. jonty
Jonty, do you mean these longs?
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Re: Non-hideous bike clobber

Postby Jonty » 5 Jan 2010, 1:53pm

Hi Kevin
No, not those ones although I think they would be good.
Mine are more like the other ones she has. They look like a conventional part of longs except that they are more tailored.
They are very well put together and robust with elasticated waste band, zips and reflectors on bottom of legs and the fabric is soft and comfortable inside. Also they are a very useful weight: not too light but not too heavy. I use them for cycling throughout the year except when I wear shorts.

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Postby Edvardus » 6 Jan 2010, 5:15pm

glueman wrote:If you're prepared to pedal slowly enough not to sweat you can wear almost anything, as indeed people used to when bicycles were a general aid to mobilty not a pseudo-competitive device.
If the journey is under 4 miles - which many are - shirt, tie, skirt, mac will do (preferably not all at once)

There's an old (probably 80's) chap in my area who regularly cycles into the city centre dressed in shirt, tie, jacket, ordinary strides with cycle clips, flat cap and a plastic mac when it's wet. He rides an ancient upright machine and looks like a stately galleon sailing gently along, never looking hot and bothered. IMO cycling seems to bring out a lot of the "look at me" brigade and there are any number of firms who are only too pleased to cater for those willing to fork out for that sort of stuff.
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Re: Non-hideous bike clobber

Postby MikeMarsUK » 6 Jan 2010, 5:22pm

Our local CTC weekly sunday ride very frequently encounter a younger gentleman (mid 40s?) with similar attire (black jacket, shirt, tie, black trousers with clips, no hat though), sometimes more than once on the same ride. It doesn't seem to be a fixed route since we see him all over the place. I have a suspicion that his mileage may be greater than ours.