SPD Commuting/Touring/Rides Out Shoes

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SPD Commuting/Touring/Rides Out Shoes

Postby robwa10 » 29 Dec 2008, 11:01pm

Just wondering if anyone has any shoes that they love. Considering venturing into the world of clipless for my new bike. I mainly use my bike for rides out and commuting. I need shoes I can walk around in when commuting so I think race shoes are out. I will hopefully be doing some weekend tours in the coming year so I want to be able to use them for that as well.
As always trying to keep cost down and just spend my birthday money on it.

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Postby meic » 29 Dec 2008, 11:06pm

My favourites are the sandals Shimano SD60's in my case.
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Big T
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Postby Big T » 29 Dec 2008, 11:22pm

I've previously ridden Shimano M030's and currently ride Specialised Sonoma. Both are equally good, though the Shimano's suit wider feet better. You can't get M030's any more, but the replacement is the basic Shimano trainer-type lace up shoe. Both the above will cost upwards of £40.

You could wait for Lidl/Aldi to have one of their cycling special sales, and get similar trainer type SPD shoes for £15. I've got a pair ready for when my Sonoma's wear out.

I wear my Sonoma's all day at work.

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Postby random37 » 29 Dec 2008, 11:53pm

I used them once, but to be honest I don't think they're all that. For touring, I still think toe clips are the way to go, because I can stop somewhere and have a walk round. Even with recessed (mountain) clips, you still make an odd clicking noise when you walk round.

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Postby squeaker » 29 Dec 2008, 11:59pm

meic wrote:My favourites are the sandals Shimano SD60's in my case.
Me too (SD65s), but on a 'bent you don't have the same toe stubbing potential as on a DF bike, so I use some mid priced Specialised shoes for those.
IME basic SPD (offroad) cleats / shoes are easy to walk around in, unless you want to go rock scrambling (hard, irregular shaped bits that hit/wear the cleats).

mick skinner
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Postby mick skinner » 30 Dec 2008, 6:50am

shimano carbon fibre soled mountain biking shoes (can't remember the model number/name). V comfortable for riding long distances in and reasonably comfortable for walking around in, although mine are silver/grey and they don't exactly look normal off the bike. but i'd thourghly recommend them.....

Manx Cat
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Postby Manx Cat » 30 Dec 2008, 9:36am

Welcome to the world of clipless cycling.

I got into using these earlier this winter. I was lucky enough via a member from here to borrow a pair of smarty pedals which I was so impressed with I ended up buying a pair for myself.

I gave up getting the shoes on the internet though as I had such trouble getting a pair to fit. Wiggle was great at refunding etc, but a refund is not what I wanted. I wanted shoes to fit well. I found that some were bigger than their size and a lot were smaller.

So I ended up at our local bike shop where I could try them on. (recommended). I paid more than Wiggle for the shoes, but hey presto saved a lot of time.

I ended up with a recessed mountain bike shoe. They look like trainers, so dont look out of place walking about town in. THe shoes have a much firmer sole so do not bend as you walk in them. Mountain bike shoes tended to have a more moulded for walking sole, so you dont tend to paddle about if you have a hard surface to walk on.

I find they dont click on the polished floor at work, but do crack and grind as I walk in the carpark getting the bike ready for home.

I ended up with these:

SPD shoes

They are great, I paid £45 for them, and I must admit I cannot fault them.


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Postby brianleach » 30 Dec 2008, 11:03am


See this previous thread.

I toured with the original exustars last August after buying them online.

Fortunately a perfect fit and use them almost all the time now although sometime use Shimano sandals which I do find crunch a bit when you walk in them.


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Postby ians » 30 Dec 2008, 1:26pm

I've just gone clipless - on the advice of my LBS am using Shimano A520 pedals and Specialized Tahoe shoes. I'm really pleased and glad I've made the change.

I fell off my bike in the summer (I'm 61 - so it's been a very, very long time since that happened) - because the velcro straps on my Specialized Sonomas got caught in my toe clips. (I know - you're supposed to fall off after changing to clipless, not before).

Steel toe clips (Christophe/ MKS) don't really work with modern cycling shoes, the shoes are much bigger than the ones I wore as a lad. The only steel toe clips I can find that fit modern shoes are Somas, but they're very expensive to import from the USA. So it was lack of toe clip choice that drove me to consider clipless.

The Tahoes are great, better than the Sonomas (for me). I've only had one 'clipless moment'. Went out for a ride on Christmas day - just as I arrived home I met my neighbours who wanted to chat - braked, forgot about the pedals and the bike tilted over - but instinct kicked in and my foot released without problem.

Am now in the process of moving to clipless on my other bikes.


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Postby Biscuit » 30 Dec 2008, 6:13pm

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Postby DavidT » 30 Dec 2008, 10:20pm

Manx Cat wrote:I gave up getting the shoes on the internet though as I had such trouble getting a pair to fit. Wiggle was great at refunding etc, but a refund is not what I wanted. I wanted shoes to fit well. I found that some were bigger than their size and a lot were smaller.

So I ended up at our local bike shop where I could try them on. (recommended).


My best advice is most definately to buy where you can try different sizes on. Even if the mail order pair do fit reasonably, you'll still have that doubt the next size up/down may be better? A right hassle with mail order. Add to that Manufacturer's stated sizes are all over the place.

I normally take a 43, but my Shimano Road Touring shoes are 45.

You should (eventually) be able to find a good LBS with a fair range - albeit of one make.

Welcome to clipless btw - it's brilliant.

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Postby PW » 31 Dec 2008, 5:22pm

Exustar Stelvios for looking "Normal", Northwave Celsius boots for foul weather. My real favourites are Carnac Passy but they're out of production now.
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