routes to gibraltar from paris

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marc blackband
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routes to gibraltar from paris

Postby marc blackband » 20 Feb 2009, 2:25pm

i am off on a charity ride with tent, and am looking for the best routes to get from a to b, can be a little deviated but am planning to go through andorra, leaveing in april and hoping for half decent weather, am very green at this cycleing stuff oh eck help....

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Postby sir_lozz » 25 Feb 2009, 9:47am

when cycling through france pick up the river vienne trail (from Paris aim just south of Tours). I did this when i did my top to bottom, its so easy to cycle along, tarmac the majority of the way and flat as a pancake. Add into that the stunning views, lovely towns and ample campsites and you should be well away.
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Fred Ivory
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Re: routes to gibraltar from paris

Postby Fred Ivory » 2 Mar 2009, 7:02pm

Hi my daughter lives near Benidorm, this year will be the third time I cross the Pyrenees, I go over at Viella, Val Aran,
I start from Farnborough Hants, Dover - Calais - Abbeville - Aumale - Gisor - Mantes - Chartres - Blois - Chatillon -
Le Blanc - Bellac - Chalus - Le Bugue - Monflanquin - Villeneuve sur Lot - Agen - Auch - Montrejeau - St.Beat - Viella -
Salardu - Port de la Bonaigua - Sort - Tremp - Balaguer - Lleida - Maials - Flix - Gandesa - Tortosa - Ulldecona - Vinaros -
Castellon - Sagento - Valencia - Cullera - Gandia - Gata - Altea - Benidorm - Alicante. now i've gone no further, but there
are lots of places to get lost in, Valencia is top of the list, Lleida is a close second, Spanish town are a bit complicated,
compass helps. I rough it, tent, bus shelters, any shelter, under ground car parks, you name it.
You sound a strong lad, a little like me, take it as it comes, Don't go over the Pyrenees late April early May, I did once,
nearly frooze to death, coming down off the top, going up is easy, its the coming down, don't forget the gloves and over shoes.
Well have a good trip, Fred.