Puncture repairs with Evo-Stik?

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Re: Puncture repairs with Evo-Stik?

Postby drossall » 10 Jun 2017, 7:51pm

reohn2 wrote:These patches I find the best

Sorry, but I've got to say it: They aren't a patch on this.

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Re: Puncture repairs with Evo-Stik?

Postby reohn2 » 10 Jun 2017, 8:08pm

drossall wrote:
reohn2 wrote:These patches I find the best

Sorry, but I've got to say it: They aren't a patch on this.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: Puncture repairs with Evo-Stik?

Postby Andy3460 » 11 Jun 2017, 6:20am

Someone posted that in the article he wanted to save money from fixing 5 punctures a week on his family's bikes.

I would tend to say firstly check the outer tubes more thoroughly for thorns etc when fixing, and secondly, tell the family to be more careful about where they ride.

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Re: Puncture repairs with Evo-Stik?

Postby MikeF » 11 Jun 2017, 10:28pm

reohn2 wrote:
iandriver wrote:
reohn2 wrote:
The method is simple once the puncture is located,roughen the surrounding with the abrasive paper supplied a little bigger than the patch,spread a little solution on the area,let it dry, approx 5minutes max,repeat with more solution,let it dry again,peel foil from the patch apply patch to tube pressing from the centre outward paying attention to the edges,carefully peel celofane from the patch(trying not to disturb the edges.finish by scraping some of the french chalk 3

Kind of what I do. Only I'm a bit prone to leaving the celofane on as it seems to be irrepably bonded on and I use dirt from the wheel rim instead of chalk. Must be a philistine myself, but it seems to work.

Since posting that I've found that if you fold the patch in the middle once glued in place on the tube,the cellphone is designed to split in the middle and peel off easier :D
That used to work extremely well when the patches were covered with paper, but with the "cellophane" it's not so easy, but still a good method.
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Re: Puncture repairs with Evo-Stik?

Postby slimjim » 25 Jun 2017, 11:59pm

slimjim wrote:Buy a proper puncture repair kit in Poundland - they are fab

However, I am just about to try with evostick and a home mad repair patch so I will keep you posted

I tried EvoStick over a large cut. First I bonded the cut edges and let dry
When dry I bonded a piece of old tube with Evostick, usual sanding of course.
It worked really well

A Youtube video shows how to use Superglue and paper

Another Youtube video simply ties a knot and excludes the punctured piece - looks good

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Re: Puncture repairs with Evo-Stik?

Postby LollyKat » 26 Jun 2017, 11:03am

reohn2 wrote:Rubber solution,to stop it evaporating in the tube,when you've finished using it press the tube so glue is juussttt issues out of the nozzle,then put the top back on eliminating air from inside,any air left in the tube and the glue disappears.

I have always done this but still found that the tube would gradually dry out. Then I read on here some years ago that if any of the glue came into contact with skin it would react and solidify. I used to squeeze the glue onto my finger and subsequently wipe the nozzle clean with it. Since using the end of a zip tie (I keep a cut-off end in my kit) and keeping my fingers well away from the nozzle, my glue has lasted for a good five years in perfect condition in spite of having been used several times.

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Re: Puncture repairs with Evo-Stik?

Postby Lance Dopestrong » 6 Jul 2017, 8:13am

mw3230 wrote:"Evo-Stik Impact Adhesive is much like the glue contained in puncture repair kits. Using this you can make your own patches from old inner tubes"

This is exactly what we used to do as impoverished kids. It works very well. We couldnt afford 29p for a puncture repair kit.
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Re: Puncture repairs with Evo-Stik?

Postby Randy_Butternubs » 7 Jul 2017, 12:39am

My tubes cost £3 and a repair takes 5 minutes. Less if you do a bunch at once. So it works out pretty economical compared to buying new tubes.

To be honest though the real reason I patch tubes is that I enjoy it. And I use Rema patches because they are the prettiest :oops: