Wheel Builder in Bristol or South Gloucs

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Re: Wheel Builder in Bristol or South Gloucs

Postby goatwarden » 15 Mar 2016, 9:42am

Roger Musson's book is very good; since my original post I have built many wheels and am happier with my own build than any other wheels.

I would stress that Musson is a wheel builder, not an engineer. So if you fancy making his design of jig you need to first re dimension his drawings; they are not wrong - inasmuch as they contain most of the necessary information but the dimensioning is lousy. He could do with learning about the concept of datums.

The jig makes life easier but it is perfectly possible to build good wheels using the bike frame as a jig.

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Re: Wheel Builder in Bristol or South Gloucs

Postby MikeF » 15 Mar 2016, 7:40pm

RedVine wrote:
Richard wrote:Have you thought of doing it yourself? If you are reasonably practical you should have no trouble. I would recommend the wheelbuilding book by Roger Musson http://www.wheelpro.co.uk/wheelbuilding/book.php which has enabled me to build a number of stong wheels.

Oh, I think I'll get myself a copy of this as it's only £9. Is it a physical book or an e-book?

Also to build your own wheels from this book do you need any expensive tools? I'm guessing you'd at least need a clamp.

It's an e-book.
Have a read of Sheldon's site http://www.sheldonbrown.com/wheelbuild.html. It tells you about all you need to know..... and it's free.
Here's another site for example, and there are many youtube videos if you search - some better than others though.
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