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Hi everyone!

On my way back home today (Central London) I´ve seen a cycling mum with a baby-oriented bike. It had a very sturdy step-trough frame and the decals said something like "Family cycle" or "Family bike". It had 2 baby seats, one over the front and one over the rear wheel. Worth a search?

Another thing I´ve seen (*this one only in pictures*) is the Xtracycle. Take an old (or not-that-old) mountain bike, attach a rear tail (you buy a sort of tail frame) can carry loads of stuff, including 2 chairs...and all the stuff that having 2 children generates.... I reckon you must have good thighs for this ;)


The site is and there´s a link to the UK dealer... :)
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I don't have kids but do use a "Bike Box" trailer. I ws lucky enough to be given some offcuts from that reflective stuff they use on police cars, which I liberally applied all over the aluminium trailer box. The main roads here in Mid Wales at night are unlit but fast, but the effect of all that reflective stuff has been amazing - cars just don't seem to have a clue what's in front of them & always slow right down behind me whilst they work it out & only then overtake. Bliss.
Nobble a traffic copper or find out who sells this stuff...
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