Carradice's Super C panniers

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Re: Carradice's Super C panniers

Postby LollyKat » 12 Jan 2012, 10:01am

geomannie wrote:I am also having a problem with the bottom hook. This seems to low for my rack (an old Blackburn clone) and I can't get the pannier to go on and off easily. Its tricky when empty; it would be very hard full.

Is this an elasticated hook or a rigid anti-sway plastic bar that should hook behind a pannier leg? If it is the latter, I mount mine without problems on a Blackburn rack. I've set the hooks at the top and the one at the bottom so that I can slide the bottom hook behind the angled stay at the rear of the carrier. I need to approach it at the right height when mounting, otherwise it won't reach, but I soon learnt to put it on without fuss.

I think on Ortliebs the bottom catches are adjustable vertically as well as horizontally.

Can you post a picture of the rack and the panniers? I'm surprised that they won't fit.

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Re: Carradice's Super C panniers

Postby CREPELLO » 12 Jan 2012, 11:19am

It is puzzling why some of you are finding it difficult to locate the anti sway hook on the rack stays. If it won't fit in one direction, flip it round the other way. Or as Lollykat says, it depends on how you lower the bags onto the rack. Each rack/bag combination may require a different approach.

I've fitted Super C's to both Tubus and Bor Yeuh low riders with no apparent problem.
It isn't advisable to have panniers fitted without the anti-sway hook. If you are in an adverse situation on the road, committing to an avoiding manouvre could throw you off the bike, with them panniers 'flapping like wings' :shock:

For anyone interested in a limpet like attachment to the Tubus Cargo rack, which IME doesn't fit so well with the SC's.... viewtopic.php?f=5&t=27252&hilit=+carradice
This extra secure attachment really does improve bike handling if you are putting it through it's paces, such as standing on the pedals.

I see the latest Super C's now come with a similar anti-sway hook to the Ortliebs.

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Re: Carradice's Super C panniers

Postby 94inchandy » 14 Jan 2012, 8:30pm

i never had panniers, but i use lots of carradice stuff, if you got a problem with carradice, email carradice, they are a very friendly company, and if it a problem they will try to get it sorted, i had a problem with the prima saddle bag, one email later they exchanged the bag for free,
they pride them self on the fact that there company is 100% cyclist friendly, that make some of the best cycling stuff,
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