CTC Yellow Jerseys

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Postby JohnW » 2 Jun 2007, 12:11am

I'm with glueman again.

Do Council members read this - have they anything to say?


Daniel Fox
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Postby Daniel Fox » 4 Jun 2007, 5:25pm

I've got one of the yellow jerseys with the winged wheel.

It is great and I'm even more pleased with now I know it is a limited edition!

Here it is in action after the Norwich 100 at the weekend.


I would like to be able to buy a replacement for it though when it gets worn out.

I think that there is a large market for retro products.

Kentish Man

Postby Kentish Man » 5 Jun 2007, 12:51pm

Paul Smith wrote:
'2. Can sizes upto XXXL be accommodated?: Many CTC riders are not exactly errrrrrrrrr racing whippets, some indeed do carry some relaxed muscle around the six pack area, so I would expect sizes upto XXXL to be ordered'

Paul thank you for your very comprehensive and tactful reply! And JohnW thanks for your voice of support re the jersey. I'm just catching up after a few days away and will see if I can get my brain in gear about how to take this forward.


Postby AlbionLass » 5 Jun 2007, 2:26pm

I prefer the 'winged wheel' to the current logo, even that though is better than the £400,000 logo for the 2012 olympics! :roll:

I'd certainly buy a logo'd CTC jersey, I second the vote for larger sizes too, some of us have hips and chests to accomodate rather than beer bellies. :lol: